Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Get on the Sub (tanks stray g)

It's been hard to get going on the submarine because of a big wave of procrastination that swept over the tank, and also the weather here, with "scattered thunderstorms" predicted every day. With latex paint you need time for it to dry, and latex doesn't like second coats when the first coat is still wet, so there are some contributing factors.

I got stray g's beautiful book of dog drawings and am using a drawing of Lulu (r.i.p.) as model for one of the windows. We're putting all the pets we've ever had in Colorado on the submarine. Pixie's going in the back window, and Molly's the captain. Here's Molly posing for the sketch.

stray g's drawing of Lulu on left, and my rough sketch.

Lulu's next to Felix. They each had their evil side. He needs a lot of work. They're all just roughed in now. He's already got his jailor suit.

My two favorite Chows, Christy and Applejack, are on this side. I don't have any pictures of them up here, and my memory results in more primitive images. But all will improve on the second coat, that's what I keep telling myself. (If only I'd bought a can of red paint too.)

Pixie wishing you all a safe journey! She'll get a hand tomorrow I hope.


Linda said...

Molly is a natural captain.
Pixie already looks magnificent.

Stray G's drawing of Lulu is my favorite in the whole book.

Ooo some red would hit the spot! Long drive, huh.

Namowal said...

Aw. Pixie looks so cute in the sailor suit!

stray g said...

Thank you so much, Sally. It's fun that you're putting your dogs on the sub. You got the hardcover book! I loved drawing Lulu. Everyone who sees the book just stops at that page.

Sally said...

Thanks all. I always favored sailor suits. Jon thought they all looked like the three little pigs. Sally G, my favorite is the one 6 pages from end, with red tones. I've looked over the book a lot. You draw so beautifully.

stray g said...

Thank you for the encouraging words.

stray g said...

thanks. I wasn't sure whether to frame the one you mention , so now I will for sure!!