Monday, July 07, 2008

Popcorn in Dreamland

I had this very static dream about popcorn-- I was holding a bag that said "kick me."

I've thought about it since. We watched a Charlie Chaplin Mutual short last week, and it was very funny. (of course.) One of the things Charlie does especially well is kick people in the rear end when they're not looking.

Then I started wondering. Did people used to kick each other more than they do now? Was this some relic from country life or the old country? Or just a stage/vaudeville bit of business? I mean, even though there are all sorts of expressions for "a good kick in the pants" etc., did you ever actually see someone kick someone else?

All I can remember is taping signs on the backs of unsuspecting school mates.


Namowal said...

I vote for the vaudeville theory.
I've caught kids kicking other kids on the playground.
When was a kid I saw my adult neighbor kick her preschool aged son. I asked my folks to report her but got the "we can't afford to get involved" speach.

stray g said...

my grandparents saw chaplin on the London stage before 1910. he was such a genius. the image of kicking seems to convey a lot quickly, i guess.

pest said...

Maybe not to you, but to me, popcorn = movies.
You're holding the bag and you might need a kick in the butt to get started on your next one.

Sally said...

ooh, Dr. Pest lands a mean kick!

Dr. P said...

That's called tough love.