Friday, July 25, 2008

Honey, we're Surrounded

We went back on our usual 'out the back door walk' today and were amazed to come upon an elk herd of at least FIFTY cows and babies. There were so many it was almost creepy. When they'd move on it was a sea of elk!

The babies were making this eerie squealing noise whenever they moved. We didn't see a bull elk but he had to be there.

We stayed far enough away that Molly didn't get worked up. Besides she'd already gotten a little beat up by a neighbor's mastiff at the start of the hike. But that's another story.

We tried our best to keep out of the elk herd's way-- it's so amazing they've decided to stay on our mesa top. But it seemed wherever we went, there they were. In fact Jon said, "Let's just sit here, and see if they come back this way."

Sure enough they did!

It was really thrilling.


Namowal said...

That's so neet that you get to see so many animals up close.
Do you think your experience with horses makes you more approachable to other herding animals? Maybe you've mastered a stay calm, I won't hurt you body language?

Sorry to hear Molly got into a scrap with a Mastiff. Were they just playing rough? Or was it a fight? Glad she wasn't badly hurt.

Namowal said...

I spelled "neat" with two Es? And didn't notice the spellchecker line?
Time for me to step away from the computer...

Fearless Freep said...

Sounds like you are having a cool time. Are you both basically retired. It seems you have tons of time to enjoy life?

Linda said...

Sally, you're living in a magical place except for the mastiff. Even the word "mastiff" is kind of scary.

Jesus said...

fearless, FYI: Sally is not retired. I'm trying my best to set her up with an ingenious business partner.

Sally said...

Namowal, the mastiff skirmish was just playing rough, and the mastiff's owner tackled him.

I don't know why sometimes the elk are approachable and sometimes not, but I don't have any special skills. I mean, we walk quietly and try to stay out of their zone.

fearless, Jon says he's retired so he doesn't have to read any scripts, but if a good one actually came along things might change.

As for me, I'm in the state they used to call "at liberty." Still waiting for my big moment.


stray g said...

With friends in such high places, you're bound to get fabulous work soon!