Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mountain Monsoons

The weather here is moving into the mountain monsoons, where every day there's a chance of thunderstorms from noon on. They can be very dramatic.

We managed to take a long and exhausting walk before they hit today. It's a hike I approach with trepidation: my first dog Felix ran away forever while I was on this walk with my sister.

It goes up and down on a narrow trail and you never see anything but bear p@@p and pine needles. Also a big huff and puff walk for us, (but not for Molly), because of the altitude and age of human participants.

I think the reason we never see other hikers up here must be that most people who hike in this area are into extreme sports, conquering the 14,000 ft peaks and so on. Whereas we just shuffle along looking at the wildflowers and hoping to surprise something.

On the drive back we found out what had happened to the sheep that were formerly right across the canyon: they'd moved on to greener pastures.

Can't exactly say the same for us: in a week we're headed back for August in Northridge, an action crammed trip before we return to our mountain hideaway. It will include a trip to Florida and New Jersey. Put that together-- that's three spots most people would try to avoid in August.


sgray g said...

and you thought I traveled a lot!

stray g said...

spelling not so good today

Linda said...

The country you show is stunningly beautiful. That's so sad about the hike with Felix and your sister.

I know what you mean ... I'll be in TN next week. BUT I'll get to see Sal's opening if all goes well, and MAYBE Katy!

Namowal said...

Sounds like you have a crazy busy week coming up!

Poor Felix. It's hard enough to lose a pet, but it must be terrible when one runs off- knowing he's out there but not knowing where to find him.

Sally said...

Thanks for your comments. It is beautiful here, and the less said about Felix the better. But he did rate a window on the propane submarine.