Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If You're Leaving...

We're leaving too!

Earlier this week we took our usual loop walk and came upon the biggest elk herd we'd ever seen up here. Determined not to upset them, we double backed on our route and wandered around on the rim of the mesa top, as far as we could get from them. And just as we were getting to the fence we have to wiggle under to get home, there was a whole other herd of elk jammed up against the very fence. The babies were going through the middle of the barbed wire fence, the same way Molly does. That's a baby in the picture above. You don't get a sense of the large herd size which was just flowing over the fence.

Since that day we haven't seen them at all, haven't seen any elk-- or moose-- or bear. We're leaving (on schedule) tomorrow at dawn to head back to Northridge. We hate to leave this place and hope to return in September. But Jon may have some work.


Namowal said...

No wonder you hate to leave that your Colorado home. Between the scenery, the hiking and the wildlife, it must be hard to leave behind. Especially to return to a So. Cal August.

linda said...

Yeah, but Elle will be there waiting!

Sally said...

We made it back in one piece, I mean in one day. Jon did most of the driving and I read "Lonesome Dove."

Our frog Pixie seemed thrilled to be back in the kitchen, and I could tell Elle the rooster remembered me.

Anonymous said...

What is it about Lonesome Dove? Someday you're gonna hafta explain. I love rereading but this one excapes me.

Sally said...

Anon, you didn't like "Lonesome Dove"?

I liked it from the first page, as Gus sits out talking to himself and the blue shoats (pigs) are eating rattlesnakes. Every character seems vivid and wonderful to me, and rarely cliche. Only when it gets to part 3 and grim did I start to read faster on the re-read. I've only reread a handful of books. How about you?

Deets, the black tracking scout, is a wonder.

Also so much of it is funny.

I like to read Western history, so that may make me more disposed towards the book, but I think it's truly great. It has depth too, makes you think about the randomness of fate and how strange and often stupid our ancestors were.

What didn't you like?