Friday, August 01, 2008

Crab Comes Home

14 hours in the car, and then there we are in Northridge. Not so bad. Just very hot and the house seems dark.

Our 15 year old frog Pixie looked truly happy to be back. I heard this weird tapping right before I went to bed and it was Pixie knocking around in her tank in the kitchen. Scared me for a minute till I figured it out. In Colorado she practiced hiding in the mud.

Dinah and Cameron came by with photos and wonderful stories of camping in Costa Rica. A crab like this one appeared in their hotel room and threatened them. I used to have crab phobia, but not anymore. Joys of growing older-- weird phobias fall away like scabs. They said these crabs were all over the beach. You'd think the beach was full of rocks and then the rocks would be moving... hmm, maybe I'm not over that phobia after all.

I drove out through the deep smog to see my old horse Pepper. He was looking pretty well, skinnier, but moving okay and eager to eat the carrots, bananas and peppermints I brought. He and his bud never leave more than a foot between them. Since he's wearing a fly mask over his eyes I don't get the emotional feel of him as much, but I petted him and admired him, and most of all brought good treats. He's in a very nice retirement home for horses.

The person who stayed in our house for two months was GREAT-- it looked better than when we live here, and all the fish and birds looked content. When I think of all the weird people who emailed me after I placed an ad, I was so lucky that I had sense about this.

oh and the crab is me. stupid illo, but I hate to post on the blog without a picture.


Namowal said...

I find crabs oddly funny. So small and pugnacious. Like a bunch of little Napoleon-esque robots running around by the shore.
That being said, I don't think I'd like to share a beach with a zillion of them.
Glad to hear the house and the pets are in good shape!

Sally said...

perfect description of them, namowal.

linda said...

It's such a relief--a wonderful feeling to come home and find that your housesitter has been great.
Was Elle was glad to see you?

Sally said...

Elle recognized me, but then yesterday he pecked at my pants as if they were covered with crickets.