Monday, July 14, 2008

Molly's Day Today

Up at 6 am for brief barking and patrol outside house. Then two hour hike including surprise chase of several deer. Never been on that hike before. Liked it lots. Ran all over the place.

Breakfast quite tasty with Cornish hen leftovers all over the dry food.

Boyfriend Sabin (also called Old Timer) came by for food treats and frolic.

Then car ride to Ridgway, went to outdoor cafe Siam, where they changed water bowl. Lay under umbrella while big folks ate lunch.

Stopped at Ridgway vet to get nails done. Kissed vet assistant. Lost weight since I've been on vacation.

Drove on to Montrose. Took scenic tour through Home Depot while owners got paint mixed.

Long boring wait at food market. Finally headed home.

Deer was outside house when got home, and boyfriend showed up for more food treats in a minute or two.

So where's my dinner? (and my picture?)


Linda said...

You lucky dog.

stray g said...

It's a dog's life! Dog days of summer here. You've got a creative owner, Molly!

Namowal said...

Hi Molly,
You have better vet manners than my cat Freddy had.
I notice you got to go inside Home Depot and the market. Are they less strict about letting dogs indoors in Colorado?

Sally said...

Molly can go in Home Depot in California too. We can't bring her into restaurants, just outdoor cafes.

We once had a dog Felix who was so bad at vet's that even under anesthesia it took three big men to hold him down while they pulled out porcupine quills.

Namowal said...

Whoa! The ghost of Freddy bows to the ghost of Felix.