Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dessert Contest

I ordered Lynda Barry's "What It Is" but cannot get into it at all. What's the matter with me? I know it should make me inspired. But everything looks so hairy, and the colors are ugly.

There's a dessert contest in Norwood today. The entrants sign in between 3 and 5, judging's at 5, and dessert sampling is at 7. I surely would like to be there, but it's 40 minutes away and a thunderstorm is about to begin. I was going to take pictures there for my friends the sugar hounds as well as sample. They say it's one of the most popular events in the town. Next year.

But in the meantime I imagined my losing entry. What would yours be?


Namowal said...

I reread the dessert contest paragraph many times before I figured out it was "dessert contest", not desert contest. I guess the misreading thing is catching.
I wouldn't worry about "What It Is" leaving you cold. It's a matter of taste. Besides, you seem pretty skilled at getting clever ideas on you're own.
Nice carpet design, by the way. I can tell it's uniquely yours because of the house with eyes.
Losing for the desert contest? Probably the pig snout shaped cookies I baked to celebrate the end of working on "Charlotte's Web" in 2006.

Sally said...

hey I thought I took that rug out of there!

Namowal said...

I thought it was odd that the "Show Original Post" text had no mention of the carpet.
I can delete the comment if it's gonna get you into trouble. Let me know.

Sally said...

namowal,dessert/desert is a spelling stumblestone. I pulled the rug because I have a feeling I posted it last year.

Sally said...
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stray g said...

Love the cake. My favorite part of the Lynda Barry Book is the autobiographical stories she tells. Now I want to see the rug.... Another group project we could all try might be something from the Wish Jar
like her create-a-thing-a-day month on Flickr. I might be willing to "curate" something like this -- after mid August.

Linda said...

I wish you had gone to sample the desserts and take photos!! But your illustrated entry makes up for it. It would've won hands down.

My losing entry would be the pecan pie I baked along with the spatula.

What rug?

Sally said...

oh yeah, the spatula pie. that was a classic!

We'd listened to someone go on about his pal Ted Turner, and I was thinking about how sometimes you can try to explain something you've created without realizing it's totally outside of what they're wanting to know about it.

I mean who'd want to eat a cake with pennies in it, yech. And no one needs symbolism in pastries, lady. We're looking more for the Martha Stewart approach.