Saturday, August 16, 2008

Demon Squirrels

Last night three posts went up on my blog with the youtube video from "Squirrel Nut Zippers." This was at 9:33. I was asleep at 9:33. Weird, huh?

I'd posted a link to the video about two weeks ago. I'd never heard of the band, but it seems I'm the only one passing through this blogoland who hadn't.

Come to think of it, two nights ago there was so much activity on the roof of our house that we almost went out with flashlights to figure out what it was. It was heavy, scurrying, slamming down. Must have been squirrels with sabers. And now they're in my computer-- good thing I'm leaving town on Monday. I think they came in on TALL SHIPS!


Namowal said...

I thought something was a little weird there. Maybe there's a You-Tube (or Blogger) glitch that's reposting things?
It must be nutty squirrel season- I've heard 'em making a racket around my place too (goin' to run all night, goin' to run all day) Come to think of it, I've had computer hassles all week too. Do you suppose...?!

RHSteeleOH said...

I saw those three videos posted last night. I was thinking about commenting on the video but couldn't decide which one to comment on :-)

A Wanderer said...

Well that's...odd. I saw them up earlier today and clicked on one (because I've watched that video about a thousand times since you posted it and still can't get enough of it for some reason). I hope I don't have a virus now or something. I just barely averted one caused by my father clicking on a phony email last week, during a really intense editing session to get a movie done in time for a film festival.
When I saw them, I noticed each video said "try again" after at least two of the three of them. What's up with that? Was that in the original post??? I thought it had to do with the original being un-embeddable and you were trying to get past that or something. The videos were all embedded on your page this time, and all cut off the sidebar.
Very, very weird.

Sally said...

I did click share this a couple of times a couple of weeks ago, after I'd looked at the video, but it's freaky the delay was about two weeks.

I always have to resize the youtube videos, with code, to squeeze em into this blog.

Now we just found out the hurricane is expected to hit Florida Monday night, just when we're supposed to land there.

A Wanderer said...

Well, I've dealt with even longer delay before.
From about 2002 or 2003 to last year I exchanged email with an internet pen (without the pen) pal in Australia. In late 2006, around Christmas, we hadn't spoken in some time, and suddenly I got three of those Yahoo FAILURE NOTICE emails from the "mailer daemon" or whatever it's called. I couldn't think of any emails I had sent out recently, so I was curious. It turns out, they were alerts telling me three of my emails to my Australian friend had failed to send, the funny thing was all three emails were sent in December of 2003, 3 full years before! I've never had that happen before or since.
As for Florida...thoughts and prayers for you, and postpone/cancel if possible (I can't recall you mentioning you were heading to Florida, but my memory is faulty)!

stray g said...

You gotta watch out for those Tall Ships! I was worried I was supposed to watch all three versions in case you had added to the animation - ha! I had a problem the other day trying to post in adavance for a day when I might not have time to post, and it went up that day but had the future date on it! (I thought you had tried to post in advance for your trip.)

Linda said...

"And now they're in my computer-- good thing I'm leaving town on Monday."
But if you're still leaving Monday you will be taking your computer with you, right? It looks like the squirrels are headed to FL. Maybe you can have them exorcised first.