Thursday, August 14, 2008

so what is this?

that's smog swirling around her.

or maybe it's a wicked thought.
got the Olympics on my mind, and snakes, and travel, and hot humid weather in L.A, and snakes.

This is not an illustration for anything, so make your own story.

haven't opened a book since I've been back from Colorado. Tomorrow the show jumping part of the Olympics begins. The online coverage of the equine events has been excellent. You can watch it streaming with only one commercial at the start.

I learned a lot about snakes today. The vet says the one that got Pepper was a big snake. I have a nephew who has such a problem with the concept of snakes that you have to refer to them as legless creatures. We had a plaster snake in the garden which I had to hide when he was here.

I'm having trouble getting the intensity of color I like in Painter.

but there's always Photoshop:

or let's get downright spooky:


oops said...

Sally, when I first opened your blog and saw the image on top, I thought: EUREKA! THAT"S IT! BINGO! all at once.
It's delightful. I liked it as it is, even w/out the added intensity of color. When you took it into Photoshop, did you just turn up the saturation? Do you like the 3rd image best?
It's very funny and intriguing and gross and beautiful all at the same time.

Namowal said...

What is this?
Friday enjoys a stroll in Los Angeles with her wPhone. It's the wax phone with internet access and a strawberry scent. When you get bored with it you can chew it up like wax lips. Comes in strawberry and blackberry flavors.
"Is it just me," says she, "Or do those people in the ipod billboards look like comic book characters getting zapped with a Doom Ray?

As for Painter color intensity, did you try playing with the color settings in the canvas drop down menu? Some settings are designed for desktop printers and won't give you bright colors.

Sally said...

Tanks oops. I think I like the negative image best, as it most closely matches my mood.

namowal, I love your story, with the wax phone and strawberry scent. love that.

I fooled with Painter settings a bit more and saw you're right, you can get hot color in Painter too.

Anonymous said...

Legless creatures...thanks to your nephew I may be less afraid of them now. The path to the building (in your drawing) has the shape of a legless creature. This will be my path to recovery from a bothersome ancient phobia!