Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ever feel like this?

Another group of weird shots from the Los Angeles Library. I love the image in the mirror.

Not sure if this is the same gal?

Adorably creepy!

This is a picture of a suspected spy hole at a nursery during World War 2. I think I might have suspected the cactus on the left.


Namowal said...

Whoa, what was up with the masks?
"Adorably Creepy" is right!
Did the alleged "spy hole" come from the Sawtelle area, by any chance? It had (and still has) nurseries owned by people of Japanese descent. I can picture paranoid authorities declaring a knothole as a "spy hole."

RHS said...

I'm trying to make up a story using the pics you've posted over the past couple of days.

Obviously the Girl with the devil mask is the leader of the cult of barefoot women. They make there men cut meat but don't allow them to eat it. They like to dress up there children in masks and make them sit in front of the house, while they stay inside worshipping the great Key of Life.

Thats as far as I got with it.

Mean Jean said...

I love old pictures that are enigmatic or can be construed that way. Masks are so mind-bending when you get away from yourself in one. When you are at a party where you know the identity of all the masked ones it's one thing, but strangers wearing masks and you don't have one...goosebump city.

Sally said...

rhs, love that story.
namowal, I don't remember how I got the spy hole picture, but it was of a Japanese owned nursery. I've been typing words that might have possibilities into their search engine and seeing what pictures come up. It's my latest time waster/pleasure.

I thought later the mirror mask picture was not unlike a shot in "Make Me Psychic" where Anita powders her nose to strange result.

mean jean, I agree completely.

Anonymous said...

diane arbus took the picture of the masked bathing beauty with balloons on the beach---well betcha, well maybe---wonderful

Sally said...

yes it's so much in the style of Diane Arbus, but even earlier than Diane.