Monday, August 04, 2008

okay, get a life girl.

Since I've been back in L.A. I can't seem to get in the rhythm of things, though I have a lot to do. I just keep dawdling, teasing the Los Angeles Library photo search to find new and odd images to look at. This photo was taken by Ansel Adams!! The info about it is here.

Maybe I need a new look-- The new me? Or maybe not. I cracked a coconut yesterday for a special recipe-- maybe I should have held onto the shells.

I've got some story ideas for these girls, but not the impetus to get started. They look landlocked too.

I don't know if you can read the small print here but the third button is an ozone button. So you have the option of fragrance or ozone.


RHS said...

I like the pics. :-)
I've always heard a picture is worth a thousand words.
Which means you've added several thousand words in a very short time.

linda said...


linda said...

I did a little research and found out that if you're sick and tired of Happy cologne, you can purchase Hoyt's. (shown in your photo). Douse yourself with it before attending the next horse race, as it's good for gambling luck.

(read 4th paragraph):

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful source for photographic time travel is to be found at:
I can spend hours viewing these old photos scanned at high resolution--they are windows into worlds that are gone forever.

Namowal said...

Too bad we don't have permission to borrow these photos for Painter and Flash projects.
Not that I might do it anyway...

I agree with linda-
Hand over the new Whinsey and Anita project and no one gets hurt.

Mean Jean said...

Baby moon hubcaps.

RHS said...

Thanks for pointing out the website "Anonymous" it's very cool.

Also I concur.. Whinsey & Anita story now, or their could be trouble. :-)

stray g said...

I told Linda I might get to meet you, and she said "You lucky duck!"

stray g said...

I told Linda I might get to meet you, and she said "You lucky duck!"

Sally said...

Linda, the Hoyt's info is wonderful. How did you happen to come upon that? Childhood memory?

anon, the shorpy site is great. I especially like early color pictures because they have such a strange "you are there" feeling.

Namowal, looks like your ancestral home. I wouldn't worry about copyright issues with those pictures from the public library.

Mean Jean, would you wear an outfit like that?

Thanks all for the encouragement. We'll see.

(This is the second time I wrote this comment-- the first one wiped out with a comment that blogger wasn't working at present.)

(wrote this last night, just posting now.)