Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Take advice from da SPHINX

This real estate office was on Fairfax , in case you're familiar with L.A. streets. Love the pyramid sign. Guess these guys, (in 1920), are getting the right advice from da Sphinx on what to buy and where. Love that screen door in the Sphinx's neck. Think this was built by a D.W. Griffith art director who switched over to real estate?


Namowal said...

I love buildings shaped like things. It's too bad so many of them were torn down (or fell down)
Here's one from New York you may like.

Sally said...

wow namowal, that looks like your ancestral home!

Linda said...

Does this look like my ancestral home?


l. said...

One of my favorite places, right up the street from us. (Camera Obscura.)


Sally said...

Linda, I've been to your ancestral home!