Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Survivalist at the top of the road

He's very big, and has a big smile, but he writes angry letters and posts angry signs. I think he's an old fried surfer. He's better looking than the picture, and bigger. But he's an angry guy. Very angry. He can't use a typewriter. One of the early signs was something like: "Stop moving this rock!! I am a personal freind of the sherrif and know who you are!!" The rock was wrapped in plastic at the top of a pile. I know I'm mean and very small, you don't have to tell me.

Guess what this is:

Recreational drilling.

His cabin has one window and it faces the road, even though on the other side is one of the best views of mountains you could have around here. Like us he's from California and only here part of the year.

We thought he was leaving today, but he's staying a few more days. I couldn't take a picture of his cabin.



A Wanderer said...

Recreational drilling?
What the...?

This is very weird, wild, wacky, scary stuff here.

Reminds me, for some reason, of a guy my friend encountered on a New York subway. He stood up, pointed his finger in the air, and yelled "NORTH CAROLINA!" Then he paused, and a little less loudly added "...that's the question!" then sat down again.

Linda said...

It must be nice to be in CO and wake up to the sound of birds singing and recreational drilling.

I bet you move the rock--the one wrapped in plastic-- every day, don't you. I would!

stray g said...

very scary! hope he leaves soon so you can get a photo of his cabin.

Namowal said...

What a nut!
His drilled and plastic-wrapped rocks will puzzle future archaeologists for generations.
Personal friend of the Sheriff? Maybe in the sense that the latter probably has a snide nickname for him, as in "If Yosemite Sam calls one more time about those %#$@ rocks...!"

Sally said...

You get the picture-- he's quite the nut case. We have to make an effort not to get angry back. He's just installed a monster gate on our shared road which will disrupt the route animals take getting down the road. It may even be on our land but the survey cost is probably not worth it.

The sheriff threat was bogus I'm sure. He's an emotional fire wad too. I told him we'd found a mortally injured elk last week and he got all teary-- then moments later told us he'd given permission to some guys we know to hunt on his land. The same guys we'd caught with guns on our land off season.

Makes you want to do monkey wrench style stuff but it's better not to.

don't get me started!

RHSteeleOH said...

That guy looks scary, I can see why the tree is running.

One odd thing I noticed is that he's wearing a sweater? wrapped loosly around his neck like some tennis instructor. It looks out of place.

Sally said...

Good observing, RHSteeleOH. He wears navy polo shirts over his giant truss. Yay hooray he's gone today.