Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weird Dream

I had this vivid dream- a woman I didn't know with thin red hair and glasses asked me to trim the ragged ends of her hair. I said I would. She looked a little like Sarah Palin.

But when I got to trimming the back of her hair, it wasn't hair, but ferns, and root vegetables, and wood stubs that I couldn't cut through.


A Wanderer said...


Anonymous said...

For years I had dreams about red heads, men and women. Never could figure them out. Glad to see they're universal, akin to gardening. You wonder if 2 dreaming people are a universe? Nah.
Sincerely, Worldly grain of sand

Linda said...

I was wondering if I should get red hair next time. But no root vegetables, please!

Anonymous: Gardening is universal? Are you sure?

stray g said...

You've inspired me to try to remember my dreams and illustrate them. I have found it difficult to depict dream images, because they are so complex and I am so used to working from life or reference images.

Namowal said...

She didn't need a haircut. She needed a dye job. Her roots were showing.

Funny how things and places change in dreams. I wonder what's going on? Does part of the brain go "Ok, now turn the hair into ferns, twigs and veggies" or does it pull random details together and try to weave them into a story?

Sally said...

Your comments are better than the dream. Loved them.
Roots showing, namowal?
Red head dream?
No root vegetables, please?

The stuff that gets woven into dreams, symbols, puns, mind junk, insane. This dream stayed with me much more than they usually do, because it was so tactile.