Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And Speaking of Copyright

RealDVD software has just been released yesterday. You can get a free 30 day download here. I've just downloaded it. The L.A. Times reports Hollywood studios are suing to stop it so you may want to grab it while you can. What it allows you to do is copy any dvd no matter what kind of overlay protection and save it to a hard drive. If you have an external hard drive, this opens up a free library possibility for you. Rent from netflicks, copy to hard drive, view anytime. Loan and load, etc.

I've just finished copying my dvd to my external drive, because sometimes I don't have a copy when I need to order copies. But I can see why the studios would be in a panic over this.


Linda said...

Astounding. The intro price is only $29.

A Wanderer said...

In response to your reply on the Sasquatch Misfit post:

Syncing is certainly difficult indeed. Many of those "youtube poops" I mentioned do syncs, as well as word-splicing, which is editing together two or more syllables of words to make it sound like whoever is talking is saying something totally different. Often this is used for blue humor, as you'd expect, and a lot of it (to me) is really funny.

I wonder about the future of creative-media stuff. If copyright is a last-millennium concept, then I imagine "something's gotta give" and soon as far as the way things are done, and I wonder what will come of it all.

(I forgot that you sampled on the I Am a Mole video...I loved that one.)

Have you heard of Kevin Macleod? A lot of online video-makers use his music. He has a Creative Commons (an interesting topic in itself) license set up so anybody can use his music for free as long as he's given a proper credit. The movie my friends and I made, showing in the film fest on Saturday, is full of his music and we're very grateful for it.

I've never given thought to a museum curator job...I actually have a friend going into that right now, she has an internship at a local museum. Not like the one you described though!

A Wanderer said...

(Why have my posts been so long lately? Sheesh. Sorry for the novels, folks.)

Namowal said...

People in my industry have to "pirate" dvds all the time. Here's the problem.
1. When applying for work you're expected to have dvd with high quality examples of your past work.
2 It's very difficult to get these from any movie or vfx studio.
3. So we have to buy the dvds ourselves and have a hack savy friend rip our clips for us. Even then, it isn't easy to get material that doesn't look like a swap meet bootleg. Crazy making.

Sally said...

A wanderer, what software do you use?
will you post your video on youtube?

I haven't heard of Kevin MacLeod.

I think the way they beat copyright law with this software may be that you can't reburn it to dvd. I haven't tested that yet. Their advertising stresses "no more scratches"

Namowal, I've been through that biz of trying to grab a clip. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have various downloaded software programs that don't seem to work!