Thursday, October 02, 2008

Queen of the Mesa

taken with the cel phone yesterday. Next week Molly has to put on her hunter's vest again, but today we're still hunter free.

"Old Chowder Cheeks"

When I took this yesterday I was overwhelmed by how much it looked like John McCain (?!) but I must have moved my arm when I took the cel phone picture!

We' re all set for the debate tonight, with a video S cable going from my little tablet laptop to Jon's giant dvd monitor. We did a test run yesterday and all seems fine though the image is in black and white. Spent 40 minutes on a video chat with Sony to find what was up with that and learned nothing. But black and white is kind of cool for politics. (We don't get tv up here so are streaming video from da innernet.)


Linda said...

That is the scariest rock I've ever seen.

stray g said...

It does look like him.

Mean Jean said...

We printed out Palin Bingo cards, but even that couldn't make it palitable. UGH. She didn't answer any questions and couldn't pronounce "nuclear". Don't get me started on the wink thing.

Namowal said...

The rock thinks like him too.

Sally said...

I was trying to keep my shadow out of the picture, but glad you could still get the idea. Mean Jean, i bet you enjoyed Tina Fey this past weekend. The flute part was inspired.