Sunday, October 05, 2008

Colonial Women

We're going on a trip to Southern Colorado tomorrow. Seeing this picture reminded me of a terrible hallucination I once had from driving too long. Ever had them? Where you've been driving so long that things by the side of the road start to look strange?

One summer I was doing the final leg of our 14 hour drive from Northridge to Placerville. It was near dusk. I started seeing colonial women leaning out from the side of the road holding lanterns. Fortunately we only had ten more miles to go.

I'll be writing posts for the days I'm away, I hope, so check back.


stray g said...

Mostly I just get really depressed driving on dark roads at night.

Namowal said...

Oh yes, I used to see strange things when I worked night shifts (and had a long pre-dawn ride home).
The most memorable one was a a polar bear. He was ready to pounce! It startled me awake and I saw it was only a thick white pipe. To this day, I (secretly) refer to the pipe as "The Polar Bear".
Spooky illustration (and hallucination) you got there.

Sally said...

artistic minds think the darndest things. One time I was on a hike with Jon and Dinah in a canyon stream and thought I saw a baby Orca in front of us. (killer whale) It was a tire. They've never let me forget that one.