Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nice Library

Aww, they have an hour for reading to dogs at the Telluride Library. It's a really great, friendly library that's very popular.

Molly seemed to agree with my reviews here, looks as if she took the picture too:

Joan Didion's "Play It as it Lays" was way too grim unless you're into 60's anorexic drugged out Hollywood people and L.A. hippies.

Lee Child's thriller "Nothing to Lose" was very exciting, well written and set in a fictional small town in Colorado. Of course I enjoyed it. Jack Reacher got rough and tough and eventually left town.

"The Conjurer's Bird", by Martin Davies, was wonderful. I was thinking of the author Robertson Davies when I picked it out, but this novel suited me perfectly, about a taxidermist/leading man, ha, how's that for nuts?, who's on the trail of a bird extinct in the 1700's. It's a bit of a mystery, and the end is wrapped up a bit too neatly, but there's wonderful writing and nice cross cutting between the past and present.

After the library we went to the Farmer's Market, where they seemed to have no idea of the financial condition of the world. We picked out a squash, but when they told us it was $7.00 we put it back. Instead we took the free gondola up to the market in Mountain Village where we got a normal priced squash and a piece of salmon, then rode back down again.

the world is mighty yellow here but a big storm is coming later today, with a winter storm warning flashing when I check the weather site.


stray g said...

These landscape photos you've been taking are fabulous.

Namowal said...

Free gondola ride? This place sounds more and more fun (even with the rock drilling screwball in town).
Love the seasonal changes in the photos. As you know, for most of So. Cal, seasonal changes mean it gets dark earlier.

Linda said...

But the rock drilling screwball has gone, right? I'm going to get some Lee Childs at Green Apple for Tom. Any one I should get first? Maybe the one you mentioned? That library sounds wonderful. Those trees are screaming yello!