Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Seen in L.A.?

Is Anita the Lava Lady?

Read all about the Lava Lady at Ellen Bloom's charming Blog, "L.A. is my Beat."


Namowal said...

I never heard of the Lava Lady before. Anyone who dresses like that and coats their house with lava rocks can't be all bad.
The link had some more photos of her. She defiantly looks like she strayed from one of your cartoons

Linda said...

Isn't that the miserable beach ball lady beside her?

A Wanderer said...

Back from my comic convention/film festival weekend. Time to get caught up. Sorry for the delayed answers to your questions from last week!

My editing program is Sony Vegas 6. I've had it for over 2 years and I'm still figuring the thing out. Our new video was mostly edited and directed by my two friends though, with most of my editing/directing work being on the first and final scenes. My main work on this one was producing and writing it.

You can see the previous episodes on Youtube, they're called "Big Evil Bob." Very amateur-kids-playing-in-the-backyard stuff, so don't expect a lot. We're just guys who know little to nothing about film and felt like making some movies, more or less. They're under my YT account "TheRealGentleman" which I've used to post on your videos before.

The first three are pretty crappy (I edited them), the 2-part Christmas one is a bit funnier and the current one, which, now that's it has had its film-fest premiere, I'm just about to upload (because it's the longest and YT has a 10 minute limit it will probably be posted in 3 or 4 parts), is probably the funniest.

I personally feel like most of our videos are pretty lame to most people's tastes (though I do enjoy them in my own weird sense of humor) and can't imagine other people enjoying them. They have a very small cult following in my hometown though. Friends-of-friends, who I've still never met, are apparently big fans. I was really surprised that the new one got picked up for the film festival too. (It didn't win, but we got to take the schedule poster home.)

We had about 10-15 people watching ours, about 5 or so walked out, and among those 5 were parents whose children begged to stay and finish watching it. It's a hit with the kids! That really delighted us.

RHSteeleOH said...

If I ever really saw Rita I'm pretty sure I'd pass out.

Where can I get a hat like that?