Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Buffalo Pictures

Jon took these on horseback Tuesday.

We got much closer to the buffalo. They actually started following us. It was a big herd, more than 100. Some were taking dirt baths, some were galloping, some were butting horns. The horses were dull but steady. Mine was named Rojo, and Jon's was named Chuck. Chuck deserved a better name.

This cowboy was really arrogant. I'm not going to blab about the crap service at Zapata Ranch, at least not tonight. His horse was named Chip. There was an even more unpleasant cowboy back at the ranch. He had a waxed mustache, often a tip off to an obnoxious personality in my experience.

These are older bulls. We crossed this stream quite a few times, and so did the herd.

I love this picture!


Namowal said...

I love the last picture too. They're all interesting. I've seen buffalo at the zoo and on Catalina, but never out on the range.
I didn't know people still waxed their mustaches. Sounds like a piece of work already. Please tell us more!

A Wanderer said...

A doctor in our town used to have buffalo, right outside of town. He moved and they got sent to another ranch somewhere. Very interesting to watch. We drove near them in South Dakota a couple years ago. They get scary during the mating season, there were warnings they might flip out and attack your car!

stray g said...

Great buffalo photo. I have been remembering recently an annoying guy I dated once or twice in college. He was a little older, and now that you mention it, he had a waxed mustache! He had offensive political ideas and patted me on the head, saying, "Don't you worry your pretty little head." I later read in the paper that he was actively involved in blocking women's entrance to clinics.... (This reminds me: we just saw a movie called "Goya's Ghosts," about the painter Goya and the Spanish Inquisition: I can't recommend it because it's so dark. The worst priest is played by the guy who was the psycho killer in "No Country for Old Men".)

Sally said...

I hope to see the Catalina buffalo someday, namowal. a wanderer there were warnings on the gate we drove through about these buffalo too. Funny about cars and mating season-- good thing brown isn't a popular car color anymore!

Stray g, I'm sure I've met jolly guys with waxed ustaches but I can't think of any! Your experience fit right in with what I've observed.