Thursday, October 09, 2008

When in Lake City, don't stop for lunch

South Central Colorado is a weird place. This sign is for an alligator farm that's a roadside attraction. A geothermal stream warms the place so much that the gators can bask in snow, or so they say. It's right near the UFO viewing tower.

You're probably thinking this sounds like home town for Sally.

On our way to our buffalo vacation, we stopped at the Tic Toc Diner in Lake City, Colorado, because it seemed to be the only show in town. Note the help wanted sign. Every other place in town is for sale.

The decor was beat up jukebox-diner cute. Later I thought the meal I ordered there sort of set the tone for the entire trip.

I ordered the Tic Toc burger, which came with fries, grilled onions, and "smothered" with green chilies. Sounded pretty good. A bit of a worry when we said we wanted the burgers medium rare and the waitress said, "He don't do temperature. Just well done." And the chef peeked out from the back and did not look so well done himself. Kind of like Elvis here, only skinny and in a t shirt:

There were cute non functioning clocks all over the walls.

If only I'd known what these dogs were trying to tell me: "Don't Order the Tic Toc Burger!"

I couldn't even take a picture of it. I was appalled. The burger came out on the platter with its big bun "smothered" by green gravy, I mean poured all over the top of the bun and the plate, and the fries were taking a swim in the gravy too. Looked like the chef didn't make it to the nearest trash can when he felt seasick.

And just like every time I've been served something really off, I went ahead and ate it. At least I didn't get food poisoning. Buffalo stories tomorrow.


Namowal said...

Green gravy? Yeech. That's a disturbing thought even without a picture.
Maybe they got the recipe from one a UFO pilot. Martian Gravy!

stray g said...

So glad you didn't get sick!

a wanderer who's not logged in said...

Sounds like Dr. Seuss-world food.