Monday, November 03, 2008

Cloud Conspiracy?

We saw this cloud formation as we headed out on our walk. It was extremely odd. Facing North. When we got back I couldn't wait to see the picture-- Jon took two-- but it didn't seem to be on the camera, which was so disappointing.

Then tonight I came upstairs to download the pictures of Molly's white dog friend whom we've named John McCain-- he comes over to beg food at dinner time-- and there was the cloud picture.

My mother thinks the election will be closer than anyone imagines, but she only talks to folks in the old folks home-- she thinks they're phoney Obama supporters. Sure hope she's wrong.

Wow, tomorrow night we'll know!!


Mean Jean said...

I think it's a UFO.

I wonder if I'm going to sleep tonight? So sad about Obama's grandmother.

Namowal said...

Does John McCain slobber?
That is a funny looking cloud. I've read that clouds can form that way, but not very often.
I too think the election could be closer than expected, and I hope I'm wrong.
I also am waiting for the far right wing "it's a conspiracy!" jerks to claim something outrageous about Obama's grandmother- insisting that the death was faked or she was murdered so Obama would get "sympathy votes".
That's what happened when Elizabeth Edwards announced her cancer had returned.

stray g said...

Great cloud pic. Friend recently showed me photo she took at Fatima (she took her sister, a nun, on a tour of sites where Mary is said to have appeared: photo came out with white light shape in the figure of Mary). Your mom is really sharp; one wonders if people are really going to be racist at the polls. I'm optimistic there will be a big Obama win, but who knows.

Sally said...

mean jean, I couldn't sleep either. thinking over all the elections I've been through, starting with meeting Henry Cabot Lodge at the train station in Chatham when I was a little girl. He was running as vp with Nixon the year JFK won.

My father was in college at Duke same as Nixon, and I was in college at Smith at the same time as Julie Nixon. My freshman year I hitchhiked to Amherst with a friend and David Eisenhower picked us up.

I attended a Goldwater rally with my father. It was feverish and peculiar.

Political ramblings from the past... Namowal, you see to know a bit about clouds!

Linda said...

That cloud is a big "O" forming for Obama.