Sunday, November 02, 2008

Indoor Bears

Getting hot in the kitchen waiting for election day to finally get here.

This beautiful illustration is by a relative of mine, Will Simmons, painted in 1947. We just had it framed. This photo doesn't do the lively color justice at all. I think the "museum glass" the framer talked us into may have made it harder to get a good picture. I always feel like a victim at frame shops.


Namowal said...

I know what you mean about frame shops. It's worse than being at the auto mechanic.
I got the Quasi at the Quackadero backgrounds framed under the "museum quality glass" and also had trouble photographing them (that's why they never appeared on my blog- the photos didn't do them justice).
The bear picture is a cute one. You sure have a lot of talented people in your family!

Linda said...

Did you ever read the Little Bear books by Elsa Minarik? The feeling in the bear illo you show is kin to the feeling in the Little Bear illustrations (Maurice Sendak).

Sally said...

ha, funny namowal, I'm a victim at the car mechanic too.

Linda, I remember we had those books for Dinah but I don't remember them specifically.

The colors and intensity of brush stroke are totally gone in this dull photo I took-- darn should have caught it before it was framed.