Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was a little rattled when I left for Sawpit to do a few errands, because I couldn't find my purse and was worried I might have left it in Silverton. After scurrying around our small and rather empty house I finally found it behind a door. I left in a hurry, with just the screen door closed and that has a big hole in it where Molly charged through.

Jon was upstairs and I had Molly with me. He was watching a dvd, when he heard loud noises coming from the kitchen, things spilling, paper ripping. He crept to the staircase, wondering if THE BEAR was in the house.

He came halfway down the stairs, then all the way down.

It was John McCain the white lab! He ripped up and ate all of a bag of dog food and a bag of expensive dog treats we'd picked up at the vets.

He's unrepentant. He's still lying by the door hoping to get back in!

His name is actually Jackson, and he has a last name too, maybe because so many labs are named Jackson.


Linda said...

Yep, I can see those old chowder cheeks quivering.

(funny story!)

stray said...

It is a fun story; glad it wasn't the bear! Why are so many labs named Jackson?

Cousin Dot said...

Dear, all your scurrying around looking for your purse reminds me of a letter I received 50 years ago from which I quote:

Every morning she gets up at 7- dresses, eats breakfast, undresses; gets into her swim suit (green) and rushes around the house from 8-8:45 hunting for various things like a crazy ??ot! One morning it's a swim cap- or her sneakers- or her towel or her sock- or her head!!!

At my advanced age I'm not able to rush about like a crazy ??ot!and I can't say that I'm sorry.

Namowal said...

John/Jackson looks shameless!
In a sense, you did have a bear in the house.
Labs are wonderful, but most I know follow this plan.

1. If it's edible, eat it.
2. If it's not edible, chew it up (and maybe eat it anyway).

John "Jackson" McCain said...

Can I come back in?
The food's better at your place and I like the self serve concept.

auntie stray said...

Yes, be careful with all that scurrying. It's taken three months of craniosacral therapy to right my injured shoulder (bruised bone?) from falling when I was running through the house like a 5-year-old.

Sally said...

Stray, this Jackson even has a last name different from the owner's last name, I guess to distinguish him from all the other Jacksons.

right on, Cousin Dot. some habits never change. At least I only get dressed once a day.

Namowal, his insistence is amazing. He really have to shove his head back out the door when you open any slider.

Auntie Stray, thanks for advice.