Sunday, November 16, 2008

a little naughty

Last day of hunting season, so Molly wore her lime yellow coat one last time as we headed up the hill. At the mesa top, in a wide open space, she came upon a bobcat close to us and took off on an extended chase most of which we could watch, while we called her name repeatedly. She didn't come back till the bobcat vanished.

A maddening thing about training dogs is that when they do come back after being disobedient, you're not supposed to scold them, even though you're furious. You're supposed to praise them for returning, never mind that you've been calling them for three minutes or more and scared off every other living creature a mile around.

An interesting thing about the way she came back, was she followed her circuitous track in reverse, even though we were in direct view and calling her name. Scent rules in the dog world.


Linda said...

That must be an odd feeling to praise your dog when you're absolutely furious and scared out of your mind.

She looks so happy and proud in the photo--and you've got to admit she looks great in that color. Though now you can put her vest away for another year. (hooray! hunting season is over!!!)

Namowal said...

That Molly!
I read that when humans are very excited/frightened that they often make poor decisions because they're thinking with a primative part of their brain. Maybe that's what's going on with Molly- the chasing extinct overrides the Hey, my mistress is calling, I'd better return at once option.

Sally said...

SO GLAD that hunting season is over. today we saw five elk running so they didn't get them all. The mound of guts a hunter left up at the top of the hill was entirely gone so we're hoping the bear feasted.

Namowal, it's definitely a primitive thing which usually she has control of, but bob cat upped the ante.

stray g said...

On the topic of dogs, I read in the newspaper yesterday that some homeless people are reluctant to leave the street because they would have to leave their dogs to live where housing is offered.