Monday, November 10, 2008

Never Buy Pink Fuzzies

Came upon this picture while looking for something else, and thought you all might enjoy it.

And did Sarah Palin get a new job as mighty stew?


stray g said...

I actually remember buying a pair of these when I worked at a discount department store as a teenager.

Namowal said...

Some dogs fetch slippers, others filch them.

When I was little I used to wonder why the slippers were fuzzy on the outside and not on the inside, since that's the part that came in contact with your skin.

I'd be nervous having Palin as my flight attendant. She might pull the emergency exit open mid-flight to shoot at stuff.

Mean Jean said...

namowal beat me to it. SP is a flight risk all by herself.

Sally said...

Talk about pink fuzzies-- guess that's the state of my brain, as I've been reminded by thoughtful pal that I already posted this picture.

Doesn't the flight attendant look just like the Palin in that pic?

Funny about the fuzz on the outside. The ones I wear here have it right.