Friday, November 14, 2008

Silverton 08

We took the Million Dollar Highway to Silverton today, possibly the scariest paved road in American. It crosses a pass at 11,000 feet and hairpin curves don't begin to describe the twists and turns and icy drops you see along the way.

The town was much more shut down than when we'd visited last year just before Halloween. I took this courthouse picture last year.

I've been reading so many mystery thrillers, I just had to go in the court house/police station and explore. We crept around the beautiful tiled floors and wiggled a few door knobs.

At first the place seemed deserted. The doors were about 8 feet high, gorgeous. A pair of gloves were heating on a radiator. There were brochures in piles about getting free food and heating help this winter.

At the end of the ground floor we stopped to admire the rubber plants in the hallway when a woman stepped out and introduced herself. She was the sheriff. She was really friendly. She must be the female officer who was following us the last time we drove slowly through town!

She told us if we went back upstairs and used a side door we could get into the courtroom!

There was even a gavel!

And out the window was the old jail!

But don't worry- your sentence is light and we serve dessert on Saturdays:


Linda said...

Great story. "She must be the female officer who was following us the last time we drove slowly through town!" (did you tell her this?)

I bet she wanted to hire you to be the judge after she saw how equanimous you looked up there in the red hat. Did you try a bug? Is equanimous a word?

stray g said...

i had to look it up; great word! and so apt.

Namowal said...

I thought bugs-as-food was a California quirk. Yet there they are in small town Colorado.
That's so cool that they let you explore the court room and pose for pictures.
I like the picture of Judge Sally!

Reacher said...

That pair of gloves heating on the radiator. Were you able to locate the body? Did said sheriff not allow you access to basement? After she saw you inspecting plants it sounds like you were sent upstairs pretty abruptly. Notice any plastic cable ties in those rubber tree plants? You're lucky you got out of there alive.

works with economists said...

insects might be a solution to high food prices....

Sally said...

The bug store was closed as was almost the whole town.

wow, REACHER! I was crying and laughing!