Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pastry Tantrum= Lovely Night

We had friends over for dinner last night- FRIENDS! We have been so solitary the last 2 1/2 months that this seemed like quite an event.

I had a pastry tantrum in the morning trying to make a blueberry pie in a frying pan. I couldn't understand why the pastry was so tan and kept falling apart. Made it twice. Then saw the label: whole wheat flour. Damn. So it was a hippie pie. But our friend's girl friend works in a natural food store in Flagstaff, so it didn't seem so odd after all. However, given the choice, don't use whole wheat flour for pie crust!

We had a very jolly time, and enjoyed fried chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, corn bread and a corn dish I make with red peppers and onions that's spicey. Plus the pie with a little spoonful of dulce de leche ice cream on top. Good thing I read the label and didn't put out the Frosty Paws instead, since the containers are the same size. Frosty Paws is ice cream for dogs.

After dinner we got out fireworks we bought a couple of years ago. This was truly fun. Sparklers first, then various spinning novelties.

My favorite was this goofy tank, which went backwards and forwards spitting colorful fire and took off a bit of paint on the deck.

There are so many awful products that come from China, but fireworks aren't one of them!


Linda said...


(Frosty Paws is a crack-up)

These fireworks photos look perfect on your blog. And p.s., I finally was able to see your image below (Quasi in Futurama)--wonderful. I'm going to see the movie for sure even though you say not to. (Gosh...You and your mom.)

stray g said...

Sounds like great food and fabulous fireworks. Pie in a pan? You are clever!

Namowal said...

The backwards, color spraying tank sounds like something from one of your cartoons!

not the best cook said...

when you make a pie in a frying pan does the pastry usually (if not using whole wheat) turn out nice and crispy?

stray g said...

I thought it might be about elevation in Colorado and compensating for baking time weirdness?

Sally said...

Frying pan pies are about running out of pie pans, and also making a slightly smaller sized pie. It does add crispiness to the pie. Pies take about the same time to bake here after you've thrown the first batch of pie crust away.

stray said...

so is this in the oven? i pictured stove-top pie.