Saturday, November 01, 2008


We drove up to Mountain Village today. The gondola is closed until ski season. The place was deserted. As we were driving out I said, "There's not even a coyote around", and just then we saw this one. An instant later it pounced on the ground, probably after a vole, a coyote's pop-tart.

Yesterday on our hike we saw nine bear poops. It was a gray spooky sky and a hidden trail beside a canyon stream which gave it all a Halloween feeling, but no bear seen. We're not scaed of black bears, except we don't know how Molly would react. If this were grizzly country, we would have been out of there!

Fourteen wild turkeys have been passing by our house single file each day for the last couple, such a treat to see, such a vulnerable way for them to travel.

I was sad to read of Studs Turkel's death. A great journalist and writer. His book "Working", a collection of interviews of all sorts of people talking about the work they did, was full of depth and compassion. I saw him at a book reading on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley in the 70's. An old Chicago newspaper guy-- a lot of very talented writers got their starts in the Chicago rags. Ever read Ben Hecht's "Child of the Century"? A great autobiography.


stray g said...

I've always enjoyed the radio interviews I've heard with Studs Terkel: sounded like such a nice guy.

sg postsript said...

how'd the door-to-door campaigning go?

Namowal said...

"Coyote Pop-Tart" is a good description. That's so neat that you can see all those wild animals. I bet if you put up a bird feeder you'd get all sorts of visitors, but this might happen!

Linda said...

I can't believe you captured the coyote on film. (Pixels, that is.) Isn't it great to be able to shoot hundreds of photos and not worry about wasting film? I can see how you'd be a little apprehensive wondering how Molly would react to a bear.
p.s. You might want to warn A Wanderer before you mention bear poop--you know how sensitive he is.

A Wanderer said...

Very funny Linda.

I really don't mind hearing about it at all. I am extremely easy to gross out visually, but I can hear extremely disgusting descriptions of things and not mind at all. That's why I prefer horror novels to horror films.

Sally said...

Stray g, they decided to scrap the Halloween campaign. Jon's going to headquarters on election day for possible driving, since it's supposed to rain and snow that day, and I will stay home glued to the computer, looking for the best live coverage. Even though I know it will all be reporter fluff until after 5 at least.

Namowal, great video link. Bird feeders are a big problem in Montana with grizzlies.

On our walk today we saw four new bear poops. (I spotted them.) It's a new talent I seem to have developed.

A wanderer, I know what you mean. I am so wrapped up in these Lee Child novels the last month, but if one were a movie I couldn't possibly watch it-- way too violent for me!

Mean Jean said...

We've had a coyote in the yard before but ours was not that healthy looking.