Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wondrous Week

Jon took this picture last night at sunset.

Here's a quote from a long and dear friend, Warner:
...been a obama road warrior, just did 5 days back in columbus,
ohio...visiting 89 year old dad but really doing door to door shifts in working class
columbus areas...incredible experience that I'll remember forever; 50% white
(appalachian), 50% black area that I've driven through so many times, but never
really knew. Saw Barack on sunday, 65,000! (and me)...Back monday nite
late...voted...when OHIO flipped after 9PM I knew we WON! Jesse and I went up to
Times was better than new years eve...packed. And when at 11:01 the
huge CNN TV screens flashed the news...two older black women next to me started
crying...we did too...what an experience! We're going to the inaguration in january!!
Made me so happy to read that!

Wish Obama would make the turkey the national bird.

Molly loves the snow. I love following the tracks in the snow. This morning I followed two separate bear tracks. At first they were walking together up the hill, then they split. Their foot size was different, so maybe it's a mating pair! Woo! And they're not hibernating yet.

Coming down the hill I noticed the track of a third bear, and took this picture below. When I got home I noticed it was so fresh that the little spits of snow had not melted yet, and it was a super melty day. In other words, while I went up the hill, the bear crossed my path below. woo!


stray g said...

The snow looks so beautiful and refreshing. Bears!!!

Namowal said...

Yep, exciting week, exciting times!

Say, could you ship a bear, some turkeys and some snow to Los Angeles? We could use some.

I always thought Benjamin Franklin was right about the (wild) turkey being the national bird.

Linda said...

on Warner's quote: it's so funny how pursuing something you believe in strongly can open up whole new worlds for you (that columbus area that he says he'd driven through so many times but never really knew)...

The photo of Molly is sweet/hilarious

It's amazing how much the bear foot prints in the snow look like the real bear claws you buy in the bakery.

Sally said...

thanks for your nice comments. more bear tracks today, but no bear seen. Hope I'm not starting to sound like Timothy Treadwell! (Grizzly Man)

Mean Jean said...

The bears here don't hibernate all winter any more. They just hunker down when its cold and roam about when we have warm days.

stray g said...

glad Linda knows which bear claws are the "real" ones! i like to hibernate myself in the winter. it gets dark here at 4:30 now!

RHSteeleOH said...

I think Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the Turkey the national bird. This may be a pilgrim myth.

Sally said...

Mean jean, biologists are saying now that bears don't do a complete hibernation, but get up groggy now and then on warm days.

I just checked on Ben Franklin and the turkey, and it's true he wanted it to be the national bird. He thought the bald eagle had nasty prey habits and was lazy.