Tuesday, December 30, 2008


With the current economy I'm looking around the house and thinking "ebay, ebay". Used to be a Power Seller. Of postcards! (Not pencils.) Anyway, countdown to the New Year has begun I guess. Since Jon's flying out early in the morning, we won't be staying up. At least I have an excuse for it! Got big plans?


stray said...

Just cooked a bunch of food to take to a friend's house tomorrow night; high school friends getting together. will be an early night for us.

Namowal said...

No plans for me. When I was younger it was a ritual to stay up late and there was always something going on. Since 2005 (and possibly earlier) I've slept through each one.

Linda said...

Your blog is looking so great with the Face Like a Frog Art box and the xmas cartoon up there---and the Countdown art for this post and the colors from the party movie below.

I still haven't recovered enough to write anything, so I'll copy from an email from Tom to Larry concerning our New Year's Eve plans:

We absolutely have no New Years plans except to eat fudge and salty potato chips.

Ha! I feel very smug. You can't tell me you're not dying of envy.