Thursday, January 01, 2009

3 cars, a menu, and a melting sneaker

First of all Happy New Year, and I really mean it this time!! (I meant it last year too but it may not have helped.)

I consider January 1 the start of heave ho season, so I hit a certain closet and came upon family drawings of cars, from different decades.

The car above appeared in a dream that my brother in law, (Carol's first husband), had about me. He drew this after the dream. He said it was a beautiful one seater roadster.

About ten years later his son drew this picture, which fell out of a magic poster book. His father and Carol separated when John was a baby, so there was no connection at all between father and son. But aren't the cars similar?

And here's a drawing my father did-- when he was at Harvard Business School in 1936. He loved classic cars.

It was on the back of this menu. He worked as a waiter while he was a student there. Those boys were fed pretty well at the end of the depression! Tango dressing: sounds tasty!

This is a cel from a shoe commercial I did around 1972 for Connie Shoes, "under $20." All those rapidograph dots. yikes. It fell out of the same magic posters book. (Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of my inner brat.)


Namowal said...

Happy New Year, Sally!
Does the shoe commercial still exist on video somewhere?
Funny about the similar cars. Does your nephew still draw? Does he ever visit this blog?
I agree that that's a pretty fancy dinner for depression era college boys. I always pictured young adults from that era eating stuff like cold beans from the can.
What's a magic poster book? I'm curious.

Linda said...

What a fun post. Do you remember any more of the dream that Carol's husband had about you? To me the beautiful one seater roadster says you go your own way. But that's beside the point--these are incredible drawings, and so similar. The menu is incredibly interesting! The shoe is so you.

Speaking of family drawings and inner brats (can't WAIT for that one)--I ran across a drawing by a George Cruikshank last week called The Headache. Any relation to you or your inner brat?

Sally said...

Namowal, Somewhere I think I have a print on a 16mm sample reel, but the color could be entirely gone. It featured a mouse, and I'd love to get hold of it with all the mouse action taking place in the vicinity of this blog lately.

It was a book of posters advertising magic acts from the 19th century up to mid 20th, and some amazing art there.

Linda, I remember finding his description of the roadster worrisome-- it was clearly a car built only for one, relates to my inner brat I guess.

I cam across a booklet by George Cruikshank this week about The Toothache. Must have been obsessed with pain. His work is great, but there's no direct relationship.