Monday, December 29, 2008

More Party

We went to a really nice party last night. The food was great: ham with crunchy burned pieces, home-made macaroni and cheese, even home-made black bottom pie, which is chocolate and vanilla custard layered with whipped cream on top. There was even a bottle of absinthe for the daring, which I wasn't. There weren't too many people, and everyone was friendly.

Our friends had just finished remodelling their house, during the course of which they were robbed, the roof collapsed, and two of their old cats died. But they've got a lovely house now, and a kitten and one surviving old timer puss. Their oven had a keypad with alphabet letters as well as numbers. Was this internet access through the oven? Could you get fried email? Spam?

I met a black couple named Rose and Ernest. ROSE and ERNEST? Those are my parents' names! So I called my new friends Mom and Dad. They were twenty years younger than me, at least. They were really nice.

I ran into a woman I hadn't seen since she came by my house twenty years ago and wanted me to animate "There's a Party in my Pants." Around the same time I was asked to do a slide show presentation on venereal disease. A time when I was starting to worry about my so-called career. It was nice to see this woman. She's very smart and one of the few women directors around.

Another woman I met for the first time was wearing a knee length red and white striped pirate shirt. Her hair was crimson and pink and orange. She was really pretty. She told me she learned how to ride in two weeks in order to play a Barbarian princess in a Roger Corman movie. The Barbarian queen in that movie was Lana Clarkson, Phil Specter's victim. If I call her up I may get to go riding with her. We talked mostly about horses.

Every time I see the hostess she's wearing a beautiful party dress. She told me she's always overdressed-- she loves party dresses. She was wearing golden shoes too, and looked so pretty. Some of the clothes she gets at thrift stores. I used to collect party dresses from the 1920's, so I could identify with the passion. But as you get older, if you wear vintage clothes, people think you bought it new!

If the video says it's no longer available, it ain't so. I just played it, though I got that message first time out. You've probably seen it, but it fit the post.


Namowal said...

Dang, Sally,
You attend some interesting parties!
I thought I knew some eccentric, original people, but you win.
I thought about the oooh what a fabulous party clip when you mentioned the other party you were at. I bet a lot of kids (and their parents) got a kick out of it!

stray said...

My dad's name was Ernest, too!!! And I LOVE to overdress.

Linda said...

This is what the holidays are supposed to be about.

p.s. I love the characters and colors and dancing (and I always love seeing creatures at a table) in your animation!