Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Lightbulb has hatched

James Brown is still at work. I saw a beautiful horse named The Pamplemousse win an early race that foreshadows the Kentucky Derby. I bet on him and won across the board, but didn't win all that much because I bet the minimum. The horse that was the favorite, Square Eddie, went off at odds of 1/5.

He's the horse on the far right, number 1. Look at his knees on the break.

His color is a wonderful lavender red gray, called roan.

Here he is after winning the race, being led back, with no idea of what he's just done.


Namowal said...

I think "Pamplemouse" means "grapefruit" in French. He's a beauty. I like your comment that he had no idea that he was the winner. I think if racehorse kept diaries, both winners and losers would write
"We went to the track and ran in a circle. People went along for a ride."

Linda said...

I've been wondering how James Brown was doing. That's a beautiful baby he has sired.

I like the name Pamplemousse! Sally, you are good at picking winners. Do you really think Pamplemousse has no idea what he did? He's got to have an idea, don't you think?

Sally said...

I loved the name The Pamplemousse too, and was attracted to the grapefruit angle, but actually he's named for a restaurant near San Diego. Who knows what he was thinking, but he didn't have that feisty "I showed them" swagger on the way back.

stray said...

Wonder if that's how Roan Mountain got its name.