Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nite Owl

It's also over at youtube. I heard the song on one of the Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Shows and wanted to animate to it. The lyrics were sort of weird. Flash makes it possible to make little shorts in just a week or two, just for the fun of it.

Here's a link to a web page about Tony Allen, lead singer on this goofy song.

If you watch it at youtube, be sure you click the high quality button at lower right of screen.


Linda said...

My favorite parts:

When she goes in his house and poses like that.
Her sensuous beak.
When they dance.
Rolling eyes
Goop that slides down the steps and morphs into dancing girl
The THOUGHTS in her soft swirl hairdo!!! (my very fave)
Your signature Night of the Living Dead hearts
When she gets pushed off at the end.

The song is swell, too. (Tony Allan's story is very moving.)

stray said...

Love this. Thanks for posting. My favorite is also the windows into the hairdo. I love the mouse skeleton. The steps that are just an outline. The dancing. Fun seeing the heart zombies again!

Namowal said...

It's a charmer. I hope Tony Allen gets to watch it.
I'm impressed that you did all of this in two weeks. You're an animation machine!
I really like Lady Night Owl's sassy walk.
...and the transitions (leaf to heart to door etc...)
...and the dancing
...and the morphing
...and the stovetop mice chefs

Sally said...

Thanks for all your thoughts on this. I'd been watching some Mae West movies right before I started. I love the way she walks, and rolls her eyes, and purses her lips. She's utterly goofy and in charge.

I told Namowal this already: I actually did not storyboard this first, which is not the way you want to go about an animated piece, but sometimes does speed things along. Only you come to sections near the end where you think, "What the hell can I put here?" (Thus the zombies back again.)

RHSteeleOH said...

When in doubt always go with the Zombies.

stray said...

zombies are fun as a leitmotif

Gordon said...

What fun and what a great song to have used!

Sally said...

Good advice, RHSteeleOh
stray, zombies are a good night motif too.

Gordon, thanks! We can't have mEnTaL iLlNeSs night without you!