Friday, January 02, 2009

My Inner Brat

This is the cover of a birthday booklet my sister Carol made for me. I think I was turning 7 and she would have been 14.

It seemed cute to me so I showed it to Dinah. She pointed out what a brat I must have been. Somehow I missed that message. Carol referred to me as "Miss Toots" as I got older.

Inside were instructions to pull the cat's tail (it was a big string) and my present was attached.

Got to face my Inner Brat! Still a horse fiend! Still love swimming, but not so keen on Davy Crockett anymore.


Namowal said...

That's a cute card. I'm glad you saved it.
As I scrolled down I figured some horses would show up. I like the face on the horse toy you're riding.
One question- is Davy Crockett doing a knifing that fair maiden??

Namowal said...

Whoops- my last sentence makes no sense.
Let's try that again.
Is Davy Crockett knifing that fair maiden?

Linda said...


Hilarious that you somehow missed the message Dinah pointed out to you!

Your sister was so talented. The way she organized the book is so smart: sister, pal, horse fiend, swimmer?, Davy Crockett fan, birthday girl!-- and the fact that she carried it through--actually finished it--is astounding. She really liked you in spite of your inner brat.

stray said...

I love this. What a wonderful gift / keepsake.

Davy Crockett fan? You sure you're not from Tennessee?

Sally said...

I think the fair maiden was my best friend Jeanier. I notice I still part my hair on the same side.

My sister was incredibly talented from a very early age. Reading teenage diaries tonight, I realize I was quite a nut case from a very early age.

Linda said...

You've got to share some stuff from those teenage diaries, OK? It's not fair for you just to mention them in passing. I threw my jr. high diary away, and I'm sorry I did. That's partly why I was so upset when you threw your SF diary in the garbage.

Sally said...

My diaries are dreadful. I hadn't learned how to write naturally, and all the influences were the wrong ones.

For example, on an intro page: "To whomever gets hold of this book- some of these things I do not really mean; only to really know me, as no one does, can you understand the meaning. Do not take me seriously. These things did not trouble me as much as one might imagine."

Or "If anyone ever read this I don't think I'd ever forgive them, unless, of course, they read it with my consent. So if anyone should browse this far, my advice is- TURN BACK!"

A few pages later, going on about a boy I had a crush on: "Even if he never likes me, I will say this about him- he is a boy with a lot of talent in public speaking."

I sound like I'm Edgar Allan Poe's loser little sister.

In other words TURN BACK!

stray said...

you were already blogging, even back then!

Sally said...

stray, imagine going back in time and trying to explain blogging to my 13 year old self.