Friday, February 13, 2009

Make Your Own Font

I found a nifty place where you can make your own font for free. It's very easy. You download a simple template and fill in the boxes, then scan it and upload it. They convert it to a font you then download and can install like any other font. It's hard to write by hand even with a Wacom tablet. I struggled with the print on the Valentine.

If I'd known it was really going to work I'd have tried harder with my handwriting.

Lots more useful free apps for designers here at smashingapps.


Linda said...

Sensory overload! Too many wonderful things. I can't stand it. I want to make a secret code font right now.

p.s. Great critter.

stray said...

It IS really hard to do handwriting with the Wacom. Someone told me once to place a template (drawing) under the Wacom and trace over it. Haven't tried yet.

Namowal said...

I also find it tricky to write neatly on the tablet p.c. Even with guides I often have to do the letter more than once.
I was going to refer to the wonderful striped guy as a "critter" myself when I complimented him, but Linda beat me to it.

Sally said...

Linda, secret codes is a great idea if only I had the patience to do it.

Funny how we all struggle so much with handwriting on the Wacom, yet think the line we get drawing is the line we intended to draw.

Sally said...

ps Namowal, I keep experimenting with Painter, hoping eventually I'll get results I like. (like YOURS!)