Sunday, February 15, 2009


Just got back from "Coraline". Saw it at a matinee at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks. $15.50 per ticket and the popcorn was $5.00 and had those nasty kernel flakes that hook onto the back of your tongue. And no Jujyfruits. The movie was in 3 D with must be returned polaroid glasses.

The movie has plenty of good things about it: the animation and design of Coraline are very nice-- love her blue hair. And I even liked her voice. She sounds contemporary without sounding like a tv brat.

I hated the 3 D. The glasses were dirty and the 3 D gave me a headache, maybe because one of my eyes is stronger than the other. Since I kept taking them off and on I can tell you not all the movie is in 3 D, but the parts that are look quite fuzzy with your glasses off. But they do allow you to fall asleep in the theatre without the person next to you noticing as long as you keep your mouth closed. Jeff Katzenberg wants all movies to be made in 3 D. I think that's a horrible idea. Something gross about putting these glasses on your head straight from someone's head at the previous show. I started tripping out thinking of the creepy things that could occur as a result.

...which shows the story didn't really grab me, and the story is full of concepts that would be terrifying to a young child in days gone by, some of which is apparent in the trailer. But none of the kids in the audience seemed troubled.

I found the aesthetics alternately charming and icky. A pair of elderly ladies made me think of those repulsive ladies made of nylon stockings that were seen in gift stores a few years ago.


Namowal said...

I think 3-d movies are overrated. It's cool for the first few minutes but then the novelty wears off and I barely notice the effect.
I don't think 3d will become the default format unless they can find a way to do it without the glasses. Too cumbersome. Plus the headaches and other-people's-heads issues.

Mean Jean said...

Headache! We got the glasses and watched that show..whatever they were promoting on the Superbowl..and it was painful. Plus the show was stupid. Can't remember what it was called. Chuck? or something like that. Slept since then.