Monday, February 16, 2009

Wonderful emails

Some times I get really wonderful emails from people I've never met. I got two last week. One was from Walter M who said at the end of a lovely note:

P.S. "Snozzy" is what I called Reddi-Wip when I was 3 or 4. I would use the can like a telephone, and speak into the bottom of it to talk to Mr. Snozzy.

I nearly spilled coffee on the keyboard when I read that one.

Another one came through youtube from alienplatypus (and there are some great screen names on youtube!)

This was one of my favorite Sesame Street scenes ever! I always thought the pink girl was called "a bubbelow" like a bubbelow was a kind of animal -- I wanted to be a bubbelow! ;-)

You're the person who animated this? Wow... thanks for the happy childhood memories!

(In the song they sing "above, below it all" = "a bubbelow"! Don't you love it? It does sound like a name of an animal!

Here's that Sesame Street song:


Namowal said...

I vote that the pink character should officially be called a Bubbelow. Or at least live in one.

The idea of a kid phoning "Mr. Snozzy" with a Reddi-Wip can is so cute. I like how some kids imagine friends in the funniest places.

I hope the Reddi-Wip fan sees the picture you drew. It's great!

Mean Jean said...

Ah, MAN! I love this. I'm sending all the grandkids over hear to listen. I loved the emails too.

Linda said...

I wanna be a bubbelow, too. Wouldn't you?

p.s. I love this animation.

Sally said...

for some reason this was the Ses St piece of mine that was run most often. The concept of the bubbelow is so wondrous. If I felt more energetic I'd do a contest to design one.

google image on reddi whip and it's kind of weird.

In my early years my mother would take us outside our house to call our requests to Santa through the rainspout. Directly relates to Mr. Snozzy in the reddi whip can.

stray said...

hilarious about the downspout!

booda baby said...

Oh, this is sooo fun! What a great mix - you and S. Street!

And, here's another sorta, kinda fan email. (You probably have your email address on your blog, don't you? Sorry, then.)

I just wanted to let you all know that FlashintheCan-Toronto ( is giving free tickets to the first 100 women who send in a video/url with Flash movie saying why they want to come. (There aren't loads and loads of entries yet.)

I hope you'll consider it. Wouldn't it be kind of fun? I did a flash movie. Oh. You can see it here.

Sally said...

Boodababy, you'll definitely get in with that cute presentation. I'd be more interested if it came with airfare, hotel and meals! But I've heard fitc events are the best of the Flash get togethers. If you go you'll have to file a full report!

stray said...

I just remembered seeing Linda eat a handful of reddi-wip as a snack and being stunned.

Sally said...

I remember the Reddi whip story, stray!

Tony Whisman said...

Hi Sally. I've been a huge fan since the early 80's and you'll probably get tired of all the stuff I wrote on your YouTube channel. Anyway, I feel like a total jerk for suggesting anything to you, whom I consider a master, about how to create anything but have you considered using a more "printlike" palette to get the old cartoon look and feel you used to have in your films? like Pantone Process colors or Trumatch? Or just using a less "pure" palette if those aren't available in your animation system. I just can't get enough of that "vintage" look and would love to see it in your new stuff. Big fan regardless. -

Sally said...

Hi Tony, It's true I don't get any inspired feeling when picking digital colors? Is there some palette I could grab and install in Flash? Never seen a good orange in digital form, and I don't much like the greens either.