Saturday, March 14, 2009

Schmap Big Chicken!

For a while I was actively posting my pictures to Flickr, and adding location tags. Eventually I stopped. Too many places want your info-- the hive thing wears me down. It's a big enough deal just downloading the pictures.

When I started with Flickr, though, I (regrettably) chose the screen name Big Chicken. Have you ever picked a user name and really regretted it?

Imagine my surprise getting an email from Schmap, an offshoot of Flickr, congratulating Big Chicken because they'd chosen my picture to represent Hollywood Park on their Schmap map, as part of places to see in Los Angeles. In my picture the wondrous filly Zenyatta is walking with her devoted groom who's always a few feet away. (You'd think they could have found a better picture!)

Strange intersection of image and life. Only this week I was horrified to read that developers are trying to turn historic Hollywood Park racetrack into a shopping mall. Let's hope the economy stops it-- our grovelling mayor Antonio CallmeGuv Villairaigosa surely won't.


Namowal said...

Congrats on having your picture chosen!
I had no idea Hollywood Park was in danger of becoming a mall...
...and the nerve of them still calling it "Hollywood Park!"
Like you suggested, I bet the economy halts the project. Actually I'm a bit puzzled that people still build large shopping malls. Twenty or thirty years ago, when people needed an outfit, a book, a gift, an appliance, they went to the mall. Now they go to Big-box stores or buy stuff online. I don't see how malls can compete.

Linda said...

Don't you all want to go to the mall with me and Whinsey?

Sally, I went to your Flickr site a while ago and when I saw "Big Chicken" I WAS thrown off, until I remembered how you love chickens. My friend Barbara had chickens for pets growing up (not on a farm).