Sunday, March 15, 2009

Teen Fashion Trend Observed

I went to Santa Anita today because a horse named Sally Says So was running, and I can't miss opportunities like that. Alas, she came in fourth, and Skinny Dip won.

I meant to bring my camera but left it by the door.

Maybe because the "Jockeys" show is quite popular on Animal Planet, there are now more and more young teenage girls showing up at the track. But think about it-- the jockey guys and gals featured are very attractive and just the size of these young teens.

I spotted two teens? tweens? maybe 13 years old, sitting together with a fashion look that took me by surprise-- not long straight and horse tail perfect hair, but rather total Sarah Palin with rectangular glasses and a big old pile of hair pinned on top of their heads. They weren't wearing fancy suits but the hairstyle screamed Palin. Not your typical teen fashion, and it takes work to get that big bun just so. Remember, you heard about it here first.

It was really fun to stand in front of a crowd of people who were all screaming "Sally Says So!" (She was a favorite in the race.) You know it, crowd, you know it. Can I hear it one more time?


stray said...

Woohoo! Sally Says So!

Namowal said...

Stay beat me to it!
(And I thought I was so clever!)

Funny how fashion evolves. When I was little (early 1970s) the only woman who put their hair in buns were 70 years older than me.
As I got older, the trend vanished (with the exception of wedding parties). Now some of my coworkers put their hair up...

Linda said...

Say it with me one more time:

p.s. Will Whinsey pile up her hair and buy some new glasses?

stray said...

The hairdo is too funny.

Mimi Pond said...

I'm going to ask my almost 14-yr old about this trend. Pretty funny!

Sally said...

Thanks for your post, Mimi, and let us know if your daughter has seen the trend.