Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Cake

I sure hoped Albertson's would have mini coconut cakes when I stopped by to pick up some cheese this afternoon, but all they had was teenagers being chased in the parking lot for shoplifting.

I intended to post a militaristic postcard with chicks and guns from 100 years ago, but I got wrapped up in reading Guthrie's "The Big Sky" and did nothing Easterish at all aside from picking a few winning horses on line at Santa Anita. Um, how is that Easterish?

My mother was feeling depressed today, because she couldn't get out and do anything. She went to an Easter Egg roll at the White House in the 20's when Calvin Coolidge was the prez, and was amazed by what an automaton he was, "How do you do, I'm pleased to meet ya."

When I was little one Easter my mother baked a wondrous coconut Easter cake: it may have been shaped like a lamb. Easter morning I went into the dining room to admire it, and it had turned into chocolate. NO! It was covered with black ants.


stray said...

My brother's girlfriend made coconut cake yesterday; it was fab. I love the description of Coolidge as automaton: reminds me of someone I know. I always wonder if there's anybody in there.

Linda said...

I hate tragic cake stories. Remember that song Someone left the cake out in the rain, all the sweet green icing flowing down. Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don't think that I can take it 'cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again Oh nooooooo... That always used to make me cry and this cake story is even worse because nobody even took the cake outside at all.

Stray, can you say who it is he reminds you of?

Mean Jean said...

All this time I thought the lyric was "sweet cream icing". I learn something new every day.

Were you traumatized by no cake?

booda baby said...

Ah, the old unrefrigerated or covered coconut lamb trick! And now I've read Linda's comment - made me laugh. I have nightmarish memories of a German chocolate cake kept in the back window on a long car ride home - sick-making it was. At any rate, this is the first coconut cake story that made me laugh, so thank you all very much. :)

Sally said...

Linda, that cake song always worried me. It was a riveting song but I couldn't make sense of it. Was it meant to be literal?

I had a lot of difficulties with ants as a child. The first movie I ever saw was "THEM" about the giant ants that took over Los Angeles. My mother thought it was about the people next door, and hauled us all off to the drive in. I was five.

Now I'm the weird lady who goes up to high school graduates and says, "Consider a career in entymology."

Namowal said...

That song about the cake in the rain disturbed me when I was little. I pictured some perfectly good cake- perhaps someone's birthday cake- slowly being destroyed as the rain fell.

Weird Al did a good parody version years later:

"Jurrassic Park/
is frightening in the dark/
all the dinosaurs are wand'ring wild/
Someone let T. Rex out of his Pen!
I'm afraid those things will harm me/
'Cause they sure don't act like Barney
And they think that I'm their dinner
Not their friend!
Oh Noooooooo!"

Sally said...

Weird Al is a very funny guy.

prb said...

My mother once sent me a mold for a lamb shaped cake, but I have never made it. Thanks for the ant memory!