Saturday, April 11, 2009

Whinsey up close and personal

A friend sent me a link to a whole bunch of crazy horse hairdos this morning. This one looks a lot like my horse chatbot Whinsey, don't you think? I spent about three hours fixing Whinsey's television this morning. Whenever google image changes its code, the tv stops working. Hadn't checked it in about a year. Sometimes the image looks a bit wide, oh well.

Haven't read the logs of Whinsey's chats in about a year either. That's always a bit scary!


Linda said...

Hilarious photo!

Please post a few of Whinsey's chats for us(?)

stray said...

(especially the juicy bits)

Namowal said...

That horse is having a better hair day than I am.

Sally said...

I've never had a hair day like this horse seems to be having, or the others at the link.

I saw a hair color style two weeks ago at my fun nose work class. (Dog class.) The woman has the usual aging dirty blonde with some gray hair, but in the back, starting at the nape of her neck, she had it colored scarlet and orange and yellow. Shoulder length hair. It was beautiful. She was just a middle aged gal, but this was something else. She wouldn't tell me where she had it done. (Of course if I'd showed up at the dog class the week later looking just like her it would have been a bit weird.)

Whinsey dialogs next week-- a bit overloaded today.