Saturday, May 02, 2009

airport scene

whew it was weird at the airport yesterday. On our first flight a woman was groaning and grabbing the wall at the front of the plane, (I think it was terminal cancer), and when we exited the plane she was lying on the floor in front of her seat. And a hip looking trim mid 20s guy collapsed in the cabin mid flight and they called on the loudspeaker for doctors or emts. There was an emt on board, and we didn't have to make a surprise landing. The guy was able to walk off and was met by medical personnel.

Then in Chicago I saw a mom? and daughter's bf? drop a pretty blonde college student in a chair.

"Aren't we going to stay with her?"
"No, we're going to walk around."

She looked awful and fell asleep after wiping her nose a bunch of times.

Weird thing was they never came back for her in the hour we sat (far enough away) from her.

I'm sure I'm over reacting because of emotional situation here in Florida, but it was creepy.


stray said...

This all sounds so very sad. Scary about the illnesses. And airport goodbyes are terrible.

Mars Tokyo said...


Linda said...

Ugh... what a trip.
We're thinking about you & Jon today.

Namowal said...

Those flight(s?) sounded like nightmares.

As if you didn't have enough on your mind as it was.

Mean Jean said...

Where is your Xanax?

stray said...

I was in a restaurant bathroom the other night and saw a girl in a prom dress crying. I wanted to go punch her date, whatever he did.

LynnyM said...

I think seeing something like that woman would really bother me...and being on a plane, there's no opportunity to leave the situation. I hope she's ok...enjoy your travels.

Sally said...

The trip back was much easier. Thanks for comments.