Thursday, May 07, 2009

Been There, Done That

Whew! I'm tahred....

A trip to Florida at the height of the swine flu panic...
My father in law's memorial service.
All the family stayed on campus at Bentley Village, an elegant retirement town with golf courses, Spanish moss and real alligators patrolling the greens and ponds at night. (Never have seen one though.)

The service itself was really great and Bill would have been proud. A big crowd showed up to honor him, (amazing considering he was 94), and many people spoke and said such nice things, remembering how he could whistle, how he loved martinis and golf, and what a great father and gentleman he was.

Relatives, relatives, all kinds of relatives! From Chicago, from New Jersey, from Boston, even Dinah from Sacramento flying in on a red eye.

Meals, meals meals all eaten in nice restaurants, with widely different points of view coming from: a stock broker, a tanaholic, an ADHD life trainer, students, an asbestos lawyer, a neurologist, a math teacher, and a really big baby.

First time I'd heard that Obama was "a total disaster" or that "there should be no taxes on anything."

Weirdest opinion was on our flight to Florida. A very tall and attractive young guy sat between Jon and me, in the seat we'd hoped wouldn't be taken. He was looking at video footage of a secret surfing spot in Mexico on his white Mac laptop, for hours. He was friendly and had a good sense of humor.

But talking about Mexico and the crime there, he said, "Tijuana's dead, Rosarita's dead, we should just move in and take over the country."

EEK! First time I heard anyone say we should invade MEXICO! Well it would deal with the immigration problem, because then everyone would be legal!


Namowal said...

Sounds like a grand service, between the crowd and the details people remembered about him.
The "Obama is a disaster" person may be getting their opinion from one of the radio nutballs who play the "far right wingers are the only 'real' Americans and everyone else is up to no good." schtick.

Linda said...

This is such a wildly interesting report. The service does sound so nice, but I'm sure you're exhausted. And then there was the trip to NJ to see your mom on top of that, right?

must know said...

What did you think about the Derby?

stray said...

Glad you're back. Thanks for the report.