Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey Trigger! Hey Roy!

A most amazing video, and Trigger even does some fancy dressage moves.

I used to love Roy Rogers so much when I was little. My grandmother had a batty, wealthy friend who'd come to visit each Christmas and tell wild stories. Some of them were true. We never knew which ones. Did she really own diamond mines in South Africa? Did she really own Roy Rogers, and Trigger too? Were there really tunnels under Smith College where girls met to kiss? (and then why did I end up there?)

For a while Roy Rogers had a big museum in a warehouse out in Victorville, Ca, in the desert. It was a wacky place and honestly didn't make you like him better. But this video is Roy at his very best.


Namowal said...

No wonder you loved him when you were a kid- a friendly, handsome singing cowboy with a marvelous horse!
Trigger dances way better than I do. How on earth did they train him to do all that?
As for tunnels under colleges, there were a few tunnels under U.C. Riverside, but, freak that I am, I visited them to explore and didn't kiss anybody.

Sally said...

Yeah, Trigger's doing dressage steps near the end. And imagine letting a guy into a crowded room on a horse who liked to rear as part of the act!

Funny about the tunnels... maybe Mrs. Grier was on to something, because Northampton later became the lesbian capital of US.

Linda said...

How does Trigger do that? Would Tia do that if Dinah gave her lots of peppermints and bananas?

RHSteeleOH said...

What would happen if Whinsey and Trigger ever met? I suppose we will never know.

Namowal said...

Be careful, Whinsey.
I hear Trigger "kisses juicy!"

Sally said...

Teaching horses to rear is pretty dangerous. Maybe Tia could learn all this-- she's pretty talented. But you wouldn't want Dinah to sing.

funny stuff about Whinsey and Trigger!