Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mountain Film and footprints

We're going to see a film about a man who swam up the Amazon this afternoon, a feature of the Telluride Mountain Film Festival, not to be confused with the celebrity lovin' Telluride Film Festival which takes place at the end of summer.

A new neighbor is in town for the festival. To our great surprise and unhappy shock she's going to be building a house on adjacent land. She's a single woman from Marin County, about forty. Yesterday she was at a high minded symposium on food and climate change and leaving a small footprint on the planet. She was very inspired by all the speakers.

So I figured she'd be building some kind of yert with those pretty paper prayer flags you see all around Ridgway, but instead she has plans for a two story 3 bedroom house with a separate two car garage. One person.

She wanted to get an easement across our land for utilities but we explained why we wouldn't do that. We've let people do this in the past and the land is too fragile-- it stays scarred-- the footprint never goes away we explained.

We walked to the specific spot where she wanted to lay the line, and, what's this?

Not just footprints...

These golden slippers were stuck in the ground as if the person has just ascended. Oh dem golden slippers. They had little hourglass heels that were stuck in the mud. It was totally bizarre. When I went back to take a picture today I decided I rather liked them and they seemed to be my size so I took them home. Their location in the bigger picture was near the second largest pine tree.


Namowal said...

"...I figured she'd be building some kind of yert..."
Funny how your neighbor isn't practicing what she preaches. Reminds me a bit of some overweight acquaintances who often recite information about nutrition (which they don't follow).
I hope the new house isn't much of an eyesore or a view blocker.
Did you ever find out where those magic slippers came from? That's really weird!

stray said...

So cool that you found magic slippers that fit!

Wild -- and horrifying -- how the neighbor is totally different than her conference would suggest.

Mean Jean said...

You KNOW where those shoes came from! She was messin' around over there assessing what part of your land she wanted to usurp and couldn't walk in her city shoes and kicked them off. When she comes looking for them, and she will, look her straight in the eye and tell her the bears like to collect articles with human scent.

Sally said...

Mean Jean, you may be the new Sherlock Holmes here.

prb said...

I can only echo Mean Jean's comment. Sounds too much like many here in Marin County. Nimbyisms abound. Who is this woman, anyway? Lucky you to have a place there. Love, Jane