Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Playin Possum

I saw a possum playin possum today and it fooled me. It fooled Molly too. It was early in the morning at Lake Balboa. It was lying still on the ground, eyes open. It looked as if it had just been killed because its fur looked so fresh with dew from the grass on it, and its paws so pretty with the long nails .

Since we'd had a coyote encounter yesterday I just thought it was coyote breakfast, but wondered since it had no marks on it at all. What's the story here I wondered.

When I got home I realized I'd been fooled by that little opossum.

The one in the puzzle above was in our back yard a few years ago. Many people find opossums disturbing but I like their prehistoric oddness.

By the way, I learned a little more about Flash and iphones this week and thought I'd pass it on.

From one source:
"Adobe's supposedly working on it, but it's a challenge to do and do well. And Apple doesn't seem particularly anxious to see Flash on its phone..."

From another:
"The thing about the iPhone is that it can't do flash. Why? I don't know. They didn't work that out with Adobe somehow. Anything flash needs to be rebuilt in objective-c. That said, I'm sure you'd be a whiz at objective-c! You can actually download the developer's kit for free from developer.apple.com, and play... if you want to put something up for review / sale you'd have to pay the $99 developer fee."


Linda said...

I did it! I did it! And he is SO CUTE.

The iPhone app's would be the perfect Colorado project.

stray said...

I lost one of the puzzle pieces somehow. But it's great fun.

Sally said...

stray, that happened to me too but if you poke around you'll find it hiding under a piece that locked into place.

Namowal said...

Is that a second possum I see behind him, near his back? Or is my precaffeinated brain playing tricks on me?
I think possums are cute. When I was in fourth grade a girl brought her pet possum to school and it was the friendliest thing you ever saw.

Sally said...

this wasn't the opossum I saw yesterday, it's a mama with babies on her back from a couple of years ago in our back yard.

stray said...

The Lexulous letters hide behind each other sometimes like that, too!