Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look at her Now!

Dinah posted a whole set of wonderful pictures of her schooling Tia on the grounds where her show will be this weekend. She's riding on the U.C. Davis eventing team.

Look at Tia jumping into the water! Amazing! This is a horse that was afraid to cross a tiny stream when she lived at Bell Canyon. I'm so proud of Dinah and her trainer, and of course Tia to become such a big brave horse. You can see more of the pictures here. (Not sure if the link will work if you aren't a Facebook member.) The other two girls are going to be her roommates next year.

Remember the pictures from Fresno last year?


stray said...

This collection of photos is amazing and beautiful! Makes me want to do series of horse jumping illustrations.

Namowal said...

They make a graceful pair!
I noticed a one or two photos where Tia's body language says I'm not jumping into that! but from the following photos it looks like she changed her mind.
How do you convince a horse to do something it doesn't want to do?

Linda said...

Tia is a beauty.

I'm in awe of the kind of relationship it must take for this transformation to happen. Tia must really trust Dinah (and vice-versa!!!).

Who is the trainer?

And the two other girls will be her roommates? Dinah is living the life.

Sally said...

stray, I don't have any hi fi pix but maybe I could get one from the actual show.

You have to be patient and firm to convince a horse, let them really see things and sometimes watch another horse do it and follow right behind.

She is living the life, Linda. We're hoping she may get an internship travelling Northern Cal state fairs working with the track vet but it isn't definite yet.